Daniel Lee Perea

Tupelo, Mississippi
Official Facebook: www.gypsyheartmovie.com

Ok there's a box that said "write something about yourself." So I says to myself "Ok I'll write something." I am the Deep South's answer to both Glenn Danzig AND Roger Corman. I am ordained in 8 religious organizations. And I am THAT DAMN GOOD.

The jack of all trades. "The Doctor." "The wizard." "The Institution."

I am a writer, actor, award-winning director, singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer, comedian and performer. More simply, it could be said that I'm an artist.

Founder/frontman/the-whole-damn-show of Dr. Daniel & The Rockabilly Vampires.

Founder/frontman/songwriter of Astrocasket


I'm also a blue-collar factory worker, political activist, shade-tree mechanic, garage carpenter, and undersink/bathroom plumber. When something breaks, I figure out how to fix it.

I've been known to be an armchair philosopher and everyman's guru.

I'm also a video game World Champion/world record holder.

I'm a direct descendant of Alfred The Great and several other lines of saxon, scottish, irish, persian and norse kings, Roman emperors Julius Ceasar and Marcus Aurelius. I'm also a direct descendant of Zeus, Odin, and the Zoroastrian benevolent creator god.

I like old stuff. Doesn't really even matter what era. If it's old, I probably like it. From the 1980s transformers I've had since I was a kid to the civil war rifle hanging up in my saloon to my 400 year old chinese coin...

I have a large collection of old, useless, mostly worthless junk.