Tanya Wright

New York, New York
I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my Soul. Plays the role of Deputy Kenya Jones on HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Author of BUTTERFLY RISING, writer director of movie of the same name. Dog named Macarena (yes, like the dance, LOL!). LOVES dark chocolate, pizza, anything and everything Asian (Chinese! Japanese! Thai!). Grew up in the Boogie Down (Bronx, that is). Author of the book, BUTTERFLY RISING (deemed one of the 'finest debut novels of 2010' by the Brooklyn Book Festival) and writer/director of movie version of BUTTERFLY RISING (slated for a 2011 release). Loves to sleep, eat and dream. Can focus super-intensely and be doggedly determined (a true Taurean!) Finds human beings fascinating and sometimes wonders why she is one. Adept at smelling bullshit of any kind. Loves to laugh best of all. Alternately an agitator (via my art ONLY--not in real life!) and a seeker of peace who loves to listen to the spaces between the words...

My Directed by Sessions

Friday, February 10

8:45pm CST

Sunday, February 12

3:15pm CST